Business Systems Integration

Your website should form the centre of your sales and marketing activity and in order to maximise your understanding of what is happening in real time you need to integrate all systems together. 

Your Ecommerce or CMS platform should generate the greatest benefit to the business by not only providing a sales and marketing tool but by also integrating all the systems including, stock control, logistics, finance and off-line sales together in one place. We are specialists in integrating outside systems seamlessly into your solution, creating an even more powerful tool for the generation of profit.

By bringing each element together either separately or via an ERP the ability to control processes and costs becomes easier and more beneficial to your business.

With your platform at the centre we can automate a number of activities within the business, saving everyone time and money as well as providing greater power to the sales effort.

Supply Chain Management

If the e-commerce platform knows that an item is out of stock in a warehouse, however it is in-stock at a retail branch, then the system can take over and complete the sale rather than risking losing it to a competitor. By integrating your group EPOS or ERP system complex benefits like this can be achieved.

Financial data integration

The marketing team wants to do a promotion on a range of garments, by integrating finance you can see immediately how this might affect the bottom line and by how much you can afford to discount before losing money. Again this empowers you to beat the competition and offer the greatest value to customers while maintaining good relations with the finance team.

Order Management and CRM Software

By bringing every department together no-one needs to wait for a report to be sent, they can review the data immediately and make critical decisions within minutes rather than days. This can be the difference between profit and loss and proves its worth time and again.

Multi-Channel Retailing

With so many channels for sales, keeping control and understanding how each is doing on a daily or even hourly basis can make a great difference to every area of the business and allow the business to respond to changes in demand, pricing and supply.