ERP Integration and Brightpearl

All businesses can benefit from greater integration and control over their internal business systems. If you are a growing business then it could be really worth reviewing your systems and considering bringing them together.

Your business is made up from a number of systems no matter whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or service provider. These systems give the management team the control of the business they need in order to keep the business moving forward. As businesses add these systems it soon becomes apparent how useful it would be for each system to interact with the others rather in silos.

Brightpearl ERP offers all the systems your business need, pre-packaged in a suite of products all controlled from a simple dashboard and constantly informing you and your team about what is happening in the business. The system covers EPOS, finance, marketing, sales, distribution, logistics, contact records, purchasing and multi-channel management. By specking your ecommerce system with Brightpearl built in, you will be able to see your business grow in front of your eyes and allow your team to keep a tight control on all areas of activity.

Whether you are a new business just getting started or looking to review your business structure then Brightpearl could be the answer you are looking for.

Here at Gibe Digital we work with a number of EPOS and ERP systems and always advise clients to review their set-up and consider Brightpearl before settling on any system.

What does Brightpearl help you with?

Orders – Reduce the need for human input and manage all your channel sales in one place.

Shipping – Manage the process from warehouse floor to your customer’s front door with multiple logistic partners already included.

Accounting – Get real time figures with bespoke reports and data that will give you the advantage you need.

Inventory – Avoid issues with double selling or out of stock items with rules and processes to manage all the sales across the business.

CRM – A powerful content records manager for all your customers, suppliers and distributers details.

Purchasing – Avoid issues around changes in trends and purchasing habits of your customers with great visibility as patterns change.

Suppliers – Automate your ordering process and monitor cost to sale price for even greater understanding of the bottom line.

Multi-Channel sales – Connect with the world’s leading digital sales channels directly from your ecommerce engine.

EPOS – Connect all your sales channels from bricks and mortar to the digital world. Manage sales, returns, invoicing and complex tax regimes all with one system.

To learn more either get in touch to see how we can develop the system to work with your ecommerce requirements or take a look at their site