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Conversion improvement

We always take a results-based approach to prove return on investment. By continually reviewing what is happening across a number of KPI's we are able to move sites forward to provide greater results for clients.

Our processes help us to ensure that your site is maximally placed to increase conversion rates and sales across the site. We do this by focussing in on 5 key aspects.

  1. Multi-varient and A/B testing. No matter how good we are we know that it is unlikely that we will get designs right first time. But before we launch your site on the world we make sure we get the site in front of many eyes and allow the feedback to inform decisions about all elements of the design. By doing this we save you time and money in the future by giving consumers an environment in which they want to engage with immediately.
  2. Usability testing. Alongside A/B, usability allows you to see how well customers find their way to the final purchase point and if anything trips them up along the way. By understanding where the traps are we can remove them and help customers make the purchases you want.
  3. Customer Journey. By combining our UX and analytics skills we can build a picture of how customers find the site and where they travel across it. By seeing these patterns we can help sign post the areas that are really important to you and help them get to their goals. A satisified customer will come back time and again and learn to trust your site, ultimately buying more and more frequently from you.
  4. Segmentation. Now that we understand the journey we can see who is taking these journeys. We then present a personalised experience to them, further building trust and making each and every customer feel special. This segmentation informs your marketing activity and helps to identify new client groups.
  5. Cart-abandonment. The end of the journey is the most critical step because this is where the customer makes the exchange of their hard earned cash for your product or service. By understanding why customers leave we can present compelling arguments and promotions that will entice them to enter their card details and feel happy in their purchase.

In order to do this we work with analytics packages to demonstrate the impact of new developments or enhancements. Our preferred analytics package is Google Analytics as it's free, simple to implement and provides a pretty comprehensive reporting dashboard. We are, however, happy to implement other packages if preferred.

Google Analytics also allows us to get very accurate data on improvements and provide a detailed ROI calculation.

Development of landing pages and email templates can also be achieved in order to support your digital marketing activity with analysis of effectiveness against KPIs.