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Bespoke web development

We consider ourselves technical experts and are often happy to work on technically complex websites that other agencies might shy away from. We follow best practice development processes using industry standard tools and technologies which are often only found in larger agencies and software houses.

Our most successful custom systems are:


Gibecommerce is our in-house ecommerce system, which has been running very successfully on the Armit Wine website amongst others. This site has been running efficiently since launch and we continue to work with them on their platform. We've recently updated the system to use the latest Microsoft technologies, keeping the system up-to-date and future proofed.

Drupal modules

We've been heavily involved in development of some custom Drupal modules which we hope to release back to the open source community. Our latest module is a full featured Jobs board system.

Commerce Server sites

Microsoft Commerce Server provides a framework for building sites, but requires a substantial amount of custom development to create a fully functioning custom site. We recently developed the Quba & Co. site on top of Commerce Server 2009 which has been well received and has been increasing sales month on month.

Digital marketing

Marketing channels in the digital space are varied and developing bespoke campaigns that match the needs of users is a specialist service with a unique approach. As brands move to omni-channel marketing the user is once again the driver for content and in order for brands to increase reach they must present their messages in appropriate engaging fashions. By working with in-house or external creative agencies, Gibe provide the technical skills that allow ideas to become reality and reach consumers across media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

As an example the following Facebook campaign was recently launched on behalf of Nestlé. The campaign was for their brand Felix and involved a competition for cat lovers to enter their own cats as potential winners of Britain's Cleverest Cat. The campaign was supported by a TV, press and digital campaign in support of the TV show Britain's Got Talent. The campaign aims were to raise awareness and engagement for the brand and increase the marketing reach with data capture.

App development

App development has come a long way in a very short period of time and the growth is not unexpected when you consider the acceptance of mobile devices with 55% of UK mobile users owning a smartphone.* The key is to first understand the user and their needs and decide if an app would be a suitable solution for this need, rather than a glorified website.

Perhaps you provide a function through your desktop site like listing all the parking garages in your network and have a monitoring system showing available spaces. Combined, this can provide a very useful tool for users and provide you with a marketing tool that you can push messages through to increase usage and drive revenue.

As part of our digital strategy development we will look at this for you and help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses and then work with our co-operative partners to deliver if required.

* ComScore European smartphone report March 2012/July 2012