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Once again we ask why does social media make a difference to your business?

Posted by John Williams

If like me you continually read and hear gurus saying that social media is the new wave you tend to get carried along or fall off the back of the wave! Over the last few years I’ve seen many companies try and implement social media to drive consumers to buy their products but I think they and perhaps all of us are missing the true value.

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London tweety-12: An Olympic Guide on User Testing, common mistakes, tablet browsing and social media success

Posted by Olivia

The web is in the full throes of Olympic fever, from the tiniest but coolest gadget like the Google Doodle page to the incredible live BBC Coverage. Check out my thoughts and feelings on the importance of User Testing and common mistakes on websites, as well as observations from the successes of the London Olympics technology operations and how you can be inspired by it...

Google doodle

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