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It’s Time Retailers Weaned Themselves Off Keywords

Posted by Guest Author

Despite all the hints, statements and actions from Google over the past few years, there are still many retailers that visibly place a great emphasis on keyword use in their websites and SEO practices. From keyword stuffing and awkwardly-written copy to turgid page titles and unnatural link anchors, it seems a large section of the market can’t seem to get the message.

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How to develop content for your website that drives traffic

Posted by John Williams

Developing content for your website is crucial to driving more traffic to your site and engaging your audience with your brand - it also really helps your Google ranking. This isn't just a numbers game though, generating endless reams of content that maintains your voice in the market but adds no value is pointless. Here are a few tips to ensure you're not just clogging up the internet with unnecessary dross to keep Google happy.

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