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Codegarden 2015 preview

Posted by Karl Tynan

Every year, hundreds of dedicated Umbraco fans visit Copenhagen, Denmark, for an annual conference of like-minded individuals to learn and share knowledge of the ever popular content management system (CMS).

Codegarden logo

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Gibe Got Game: New Bristol Sport Website Goes Live

Posted by John Williams

The Gibe team actively participates in sports in and around the Bristol area, so we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Bristol Sports website Teaming up with our friends at Activation, we handled strategic, creative and technical aspects for Bristol Sport, offering a strong set of capabilities through the combination of expertise in digital marketing and digital technology.

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Importance of issue tracking

Posted by Pete Williams

Since moving away from hands on project management a couple of years ago I'd forgotten some of the trials and tribulations of getting sites live to agreed timescales. These were brought back to me recently as we put two sites live for one client within a couple of days of each other. Having been a project manager for a number of years the experience of old soon came rushing back. The most important thing during the pressurised time of go-live is communication. Therefore having the right communication tools in place is essential to delivery.

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