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The perfect troubleshooting email from ASOS

Posted by Olivia

After not being able to access my account one afternoon, I panicked. I panicked so much I sent ASOS an email in a bid to rest the growing anxiety that was harbouring in my mind. Low level stock on a pair of trousers was not helping the situation. 

It was then when I received a response that I'd realised what I'd done... the email was great, but it was a polite email suggesting the issue is infact (most possibly) my fault. If, unfortunately, something goes wrong, as project manager I have to find out as much information as possible to help out the technical team because the stand alone sentence " this is broken. Fix it " just doesn't cut it anymore. The problem I had with ASOS - was that I couldn't access my account, despite resetting the password. I got locked out because I'd insistently tried the same password with different number combinations. Yep, I panicked okay? 

ASOS' online support extends to Twitter as well as email.

I won't bore you with the resolution (it was caching) but essentially here's the email I received from the lovely ASOS support people, I've also listed alongside the email why it's so lovely and just..nice.

ASOS Letter

Problem solved, access to account now in full working order...but trouser's now out of stock. Sadly, I have learnt my lesson...I'm sure I'm not alone in remembering good customer support and continue to be a happy ASOS shopper.


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